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Would you like to get a refund check from your insurance company?

The following features can qualify your home for an insurance discount:

Hip Roof

New Roof Coverings

Roof to Wall Connections

Reinforced Masonry

Opening Protection




An Insurance Discount Survey is just another name for a Wind Mitigation Inspection. The purpose in changing the name is so that it reflects the service that we are providing to the consumer and that our fee paid services will not be confused with any other programs that are run by the State of Florida.


Brief History

On July 1, 2007 the Office of Insurance Regulation released the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form (ORB-B1-1802). This form is to be accepted by all Homeowners Insurance Companies operating in the State of Florida. It is used to certify all of the hurricane mitigation features that are installed on the subject property. Homeowners will receive discounts on their Homeowners Insurance premiums based on the features found during your survey.

At the same time the Office of Insurance Regulation released a Notice of Premium Discounts for Hurricane Loss Mitigation (OIR-B1-1655). The following was taken from that publication. The key words in this publication are licensed or Certified.

In the State of Florida there are only two entities that give out the title of Certified Building Inspector, the State and the ICC title is recognized by the State as all municipal inspectors must have that certification.


How can I take advantage of the discounts?

Must homeowners will need a licensed or certified professional (general, residential or building contractor, building inspector, a registered architect, engineer, or certified building code official) to inspect the home to identify potential mitigation measures and legally verify improvements. There may be other inspection professionals available, for a listing of individuals and/or Inspection Companies meeting these qualifications contact your insurance agent.



What the survey will Inspect

This survey will inspect for the weakest form of the roof deck attachment, roof to wall attachment, and the weakest form of gable end bracing. It will also list the roof geometry (shape), wall construction type, and if there is a secondary water resistance (SWR). The weakest form of wind born Opening Protection installed on the structure. Exterior openings include but are not limited to windows, doors, garage doors, skylights, etc… Product approval may be required for opening protection devices without proper rating identification. There will also be a minimum of 4 pictures taken of the structure, one of each elevation (side).


You may be ask  to show your current home owners insurance bill to determine what current deductions are being given, and any written documentation  available for opening protection and for the roof covering, any upgrades of these areas. The age and shape of your roof, if the framing is wood or masonry, what company you are insured with and what is your current premium. These questions will help to determine if you will qualify for a discount.


If you have any other questions regarding this program please call for more details or information.  

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